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  • Joseph

    The staff was very professional and put me at ease before seeing anyone. In regards to my visit the Dr was very professional and explained my issue in a way thats easy to understand. Also he patiently explained the treatment plan and secondary plan if there were any further issues. I would definitel...
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  • Ralph and Ilsa

    1st Dr. Carson appointment was great! My wife had her 1st appointment with Dr. Carson at the Lone Star Orthopaedic Institute inside the Kingwood Medical Center ( Hospitol ) in Kingwood Texas. We were greeted warmly with his staff and Xrays were taken to check in a healing broken leg. We liked Dr Car...
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  • KJ

    Dr. Carson was great right along with the staff. Everything is neat and clean. I took my son who has torn ACL. He had another incident and ER visit. He has to have surgery to reconstruct knee.
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  • Appointment was kept on time Dr.Carson was very professional very happy with the appointment
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  • Andrea R

    Dr. Carson is such an amazing Dr. He mad my 10 year old son so comfortable made putting a cast so easy, He answered all our question. The MA Courtney was the sweetest person my son loved her! Victoria the X-ray Tech was nice she made sure my son understood the process and was happy throughout the sc...
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  • Robert G

    I saw Dr. Carson for a painful shoulder. He was great, pain is all gone and I am happy again! :) I wish I had gone sooner.
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  • Alia E

    Great doctor he takes his time listening to his patients and give an honest opinion
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  • Florene U

    I am very pleased with my experience at Dr. Carson’s office. After feeling awful with the pain in my upper right shoulder for weeks. I left Dr. Carson’s office able to move my arm again without discomfort. He administered an cortisone shot and had me feeling better in minutes. His staff and team...
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